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I help consumers and wine industry pros learn more about wine by leading tastings & hosting corporate events, increasing their confidence in tasting, pairing, and purchasing.

Tim is available for interviews, programs, and media/speaking engagements.

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Tim Gaiser is an internationally renowned wine expert, educator, writer, and blogger. He is one of less than 300 Master Sommeliers in the word, and has experience in practically all phases of the wine industry including online, wholesale, retail, winery, restaurants, and education.

Long Biography

Tim Gaiser is an internationally renowned wine expert, educator, writer, and blogger. He is one of less than 300 individuals worldwide to ever attain the elite Master Sommelier title. Gaiser is the former Director of Education and Education chair for the Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas, and instructor for the Napa Valley Wine Academy.

Over his 30-plus year career, Tim has taught thousands of students in wines and spirits classes at every level as well as developing wine education programs for restaurants, winery schools and wine distributors. He has experience in all phases of the wine industry: online, wholesale, retail, winery, and restaurants.

Gaiser has written for a number of publications including Fine Cooking Magazine and the Somm Journal and also writes for numerous wine and spirits clients. He has served as the author and lead judge for the Best Young Sommelier Competition and the Top Somm Competition. His new book, “Message in a Bottle: A Guide to Tasting Wine,” was published in 2022 and quickly became one of the top resources for students in wine certification programs.

Prior to developing his wine expertise, Tim received an M.A. in Classical Music. He played classical trumpet as a freelance professional and as an extra with the San Francisco Opera Orchestra.

Speaking Topics, Talking Points & Sample Interview Questions

Key Speaking Topics

  • Wine industry
  • Wine education
  • Restaurants
  • Food and wine pairing
  • Wine tasting tips
  • How to cellar wine
  • Ordering wine in restaurants

Potential Interview Questions

  1. Could you share with us your journey to becoming a Master Sommelier?
  2. What unique perspectives have you developed about wine that most enthusiasts or experts might not be aware of?
  3. As an educator in sommelier training, what key lessons do you emphasize?
  4. Could you share a memorable experience from your sommelier career?
  5. What has been one of your most memorable experiences in your career as a sommelier, and how has it influenced your approach to wine tasting and education?
  6. You’ve also established yourself as an accomplished wine writer. How does your deep understanding of wine enrich your writing, and what can readers expect to gain from your pieces?
  7. How can wine tasting event organizers personalize and enhance wine tasting events for their clients?
  8. What approach do you take in conducting wine education workshops for businesses?
  9. As a consultant, how do you assist clients in the wine industry?
  10. Where do you see the wine industry heading in the near future?
  11. Can you share some of your personal favorite wines or regions?

Self-quotes for use in publications

“Sharing wine and a meal with friends and family is perhaps the most satisfying thing we can do. I can’t think of anything better.”

“The ritual of tasting wine goes back thousands of years. The act of putting our nose into a glass of wine connects us to civilizations long past and symbolizes one of nature’s greatest gifts to man. I will never tire of smelling and tasting wine. With each glass comes the potential to make new connections and the possibility of taking flight.”

“Perhaps the most useful definition of the word “delicious” is not just something you like–you love it. And it could be anything from the likes of bacon or chocolate to something more obscure like roasted radicchio with Balsamic vinegar. Hopefully, it’s also something you enjoy with your mate or friends. Because delicious is always better when shared.”

Message in the Bottle: A Guide to Tasting Wine

Unlock the secrets of professional wine tasting with Master Sommelier Tim Gaiser, an industry expert with over three decades of experience with teaching thousands of students at every level. Whether you’re a student preparing for a certification exam, an industry veteran looking to improve your tasting, or a consumer just getting into wine, Message in the Bottle: A Guide to Tasting Wine is an invaluable resource.

ISBN: 1955750475

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“Tim has spent decades teaching and perfecting the discipline of wine tasting.”

– Devon Broglie, Master Sommelier

“Tim is a talented writer and an absolutely incredible tasting mentor. Even among Master Sommeliers, he stands apart as someone who’s devoted an incredible amount of time developing a robust system for understanding what makes the classic wines truly classic.”

– James Bube, Master Sommelier

“I count myself among the lucky ones who have learned, presented, and collaborated with this incredible Master Sommelier through the years.”

– Eugenio Jardim, Wines of Portugal

“There are many great wine tasters in the world, but very few can clearly communicate and educate others in this endeavor. Tim Gaiser MS is truly one of those experts and his “Message in the Bottle” should be a standard in anyone’s wine library.”

– Peter Marks, Master of Wine

Contact Information

  • Best Contact Email: tgaiser@earthlink.net
  • Phone Number: 415-706-1133
  • Website: https://timgaiser.com/
  • Preferred Method of Contact: Email

Tim is available for interviews, programs, and media/speaking engagements.

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